But Darling, I Only Read The Articles!

How many times has he laid that one on his wife or girlfriend? But, you know what? He really does read the articles after serious exercises in drooling, of course. He'll have to gauge the model on the cover carefully to ascertain the photographer's capability of noticing the proper nuances of light and shading in her position. But then his attention wanders and he'll catch the word car or electronics; now he's hooked. When he checks out the table of contents he notices a piece about the current political debate, one of whose members he hates the guts of and he can't resist reading it to witness the smack down of the hated one. See? He was telling her the truth.

Men's magazines are a great example of the disparity between men and women. Men's magazines are covered in plastic and hidden behind the sales counter. Women's magazines are plastered all over the grocery checkout counters. Women are allowed to publicly display their concerns and victories while men are relegated to the darkest corner of the store. Men's ripped bodies sporting workout pants leaving little to the imagination adorn the covers of countless workout mags and receive their share of drools. There's an object lesson there that she'll understand.

In spite of the centrefolds in men's magazines, some of the most cutting-edge technology appears among its pages. A popular men's magazine has now become the leading authority on emergent trends in technologies including biometrics, hybrid cars, wireless communications and more. Moreover, tech companies from manufacturers to tech weenies to consultants fight to be included between the pages of this magazine. As a forum for new and future products, this world-wide distributed mag is second to none. Where does she think he got the idea of the newest craze in cell phones he gave her for her birthday? Along with the, um, teddy?

If you've looked lately at the dresses almost worn by the models on the covers of women's magazines and wondered where to get them, you'll be surprised to see what guys drool over regarding their own clothing. Pages describing men's boutiques selling everything from workout clothing to suits and ties to running shorts and swimming shorts to casual shirts and rude Tshirts can be found in the most famous mag described above. Men have become as picky about their look as women have always been and now are being catered to by the likes of Bergdorf Goodman. So, about that pouch she wants him to wear for her. . .

And don't mention cars to a man with a men's magazine in his hands. All he sees is next year's model of whatever manufacturer he loves the most and drooling over overhead cams, dual exhaust, red leather upholstery and a CD player with MP3 plus ABS, ESC and GPS. Oh, and all the foreign models such as Maserati, Lamborghini and Aston Martin get pages of their own to drool over, so she can hang it up; he'll never hear what she's saying. Nor will he notice what she's not wearing to get his attention.

Every guy wants to be the richest guy in the world in that liquor ad with women all over him in a smoky bar with hot jazz playing in the background. The satin smoking jacket, the 50s slicked back hairstyle and the sexy slouch would look good on him. She gets the smoking jacket and liquor for him thinking it will be a hot night until he picks up his mag to check out the latest instalment of a story written by Kurt Vonnegut. Throwing up her hands, she goes to bed and to sleep, wondering why he can't understand her silence the next day.

Some men's magazines have a deservedly crass and crude reputation but others attempt to cater to men's concerns and interests, from fiction to political issues and, um, eye candy.

Now check here for a typical women's magazine!